Watch the elephants bathing in the Maetaeng river

Apart from possibly a mud bath elephants have the most fun at bath time in the river. After the elephant show make your way down to the special observation balcony to watch them cool down with their Mahouts in the river.

Enjoy them spraying water with their trunks and submerging themselves in the river.

You will rarely get a chance to get such a great view of elephants enjoying the water.

This is available to all park visitors.

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Mahout Elephant Experience

For the ultimate in Asian elephant experiences our Mahout Elephant Experience packages will take you closer to the elephants than you could possibly imagine. You can join in the fun at bath time and learn to ride them bareback like the Mahouts and journey far into the forests and away from the crowds. Full day, 2 day and 4 day packages are on offer.

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Help to preserve the Asian elephant

Did you visit the Maetaeng Elephant Park and enjoy our family of elephants? Maybe you cannot get here but would still like to contribute to what we are trying to achieve. Either way by sponsoring an elephant you will be taking a positive step toward ensuring the future of these endangered animals.