An unforgettable experience

Our Mahout Elephant Experience packages are designed to give you the ultimate up-close experience of the Asian elephant. We believe that this is the way forward in responsible tourism offering a much better experience for both the tourist and the elephants.

As much as possible your Mahout will step back and let you be totally at one with one of our magnificent elephants.

These are some of the reasons why this is the best elephant experience you will ever have the chance of enjoying:

  • Learn to ride the elephant bareback like a Mahout
  • Your chance to really get to know one of our family of elephants
  • Riding far into the jungle away from the hustle and bustle of modern life
  • At one with your elephant like nowhere else
  • Mahouts are there to ensure your absolute safety at all times
  • Meet our vets and other elephant experts
  • You will learn more about the Asian elephant than you could possible imagine
  • Feed them, Water them, Bath them and even swim with them

Mahout Training – “What a wonderful experience, riding bareback in the jungle, and rubbing mud into the elephants in the mud spa, I still can’t believe I got so close, Neew is such a gorgeous elephant! I want to come back and do it all again!”
Suzanne - San Diego

We are adding to this experience

  • Giving English lessons to the Mahouts so that they can share their intimate knowledge of the elephants with you
  • Creating onsite accommodation so that you can enjoy several days 100% together with your elephant
  • Preparing more information on this website so that you can be better informed before you arrive

IMPORTANT!  Only a very limited number of our elephants are suitable for this degree of interaction with visitors.

There is a great deal of demand and we have limited places on the Mahout Elephant Experience Packages.

Please avoid disappointment and book on-line as far in advance as possible.

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Help to preserve the Asian elephant

Did you visit the Maetaeng Elephant Park and enjoy our family of elephants? Maybe you cannot get here but would still like to contribute to what we are trying to achieve. Either way by sponsoring an elephant you will be taking a positive step toward ensuring the future of these endangered animals.