Learn about Thai Village culture

Every Thai village in the north is surrounded by paddy fields or by field crops, by streams, swamps and grazing lands. The roads or paths to a village are not superhighways or other asphalt reads, but merely dirt trails that turn to mud when it rains. Many village houses are bamboo, in front of which a ladder is propped, and the roofs are grass or leaves. Large families — grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and children — live together, and have buffalo or cattle and other assorted livestock underneath the raised floor of the house.

In the early morning, smoke drifts overhead, as old ladies prepare food. Then everybody wakes up and goes to the fields to plough the land, to grow food and harvest it. When twilight comes, they wend their way home, and sit down to dinner and the latest village news, or men may visit the homes of their favourite ladies to help her and her family do some special task, or simply to talk or to play tradition songs.

When the rainy season is over, rice and other crops are ready for harvest. On the rain fed agricultural land, the fields lie fallow during the dry season, therefore village people go the mountains or forests in search of wild thyme, kindling, herbs or fish from the many streams.

Young people may go to town to hire out as labourers, waiters, drivers, to earn a little extra temporary income, before they return home again when the next year’s rain begins to fall.

So village life in Thailand continues to revolve slowly with activities determined by the lunar calendar, seasons, rainfall and Buddhist ceremonials. Nevertheless, it is shifting slowly – with electricity and television in many homes — and there is no sense in denying these changes. Not to change is to stagnate and Thai village life is certainly not doing that. It is alive, well, and as interesting as ever should you happen to stop by. Maybe you can persuade a Thai friend to let you experience a glimpse of the “Real Thailand” Or alternatively, visit our “Thai Village Experience” after the Buffalo Show. Find out about the various herbs and spices used in Thai Cooking. Learn what happens to the rice after it is harvested.

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