Maetaeng Elephant Park and Clinic URGENTLY needs your help!

Donate to Maetaeng Elephant Park & Clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our park— like all elephant camps in Thailand — is being devastated by the financial impact of Covid-19. Income from tourists has totally vanished. Our resources are being rapidly exhausted as visitors have totally vanished. All our staff not working directly on elephant care have been laid off, including loyal employees of many years. We are struggling to buy food and medicines for our elephants and to find money to pay our irreplaceable mahouts.

Why should I donate money to a private business?

Too many elephant camps are run entirely to profit their owners, but from our first day in 1996 Maetaeng has always placed the well-being of our elephants and our mahouts above our own profits. We have done our best to serve as a model for other camps.

Each elephant costs about US$1,000 a month for food, medicine and mahouts’ wages. Currently our camp has 63 elephants but only 23 are owned by our company — we hire 40 elephants, all from poor family owners.

During these troubled times, we will as long as possible treat these privately-owned elephants and their mahouts exactly as we do our own. We are in effect providing welfare to small owners who have nowhere else to turn.

At great cost our elephants have always been fed a balanced diet of mainly fresh grass, their favored food, supplemented with corn, bananas, sugarcane, tamarind, and pumpkins.

With the pandemic, our mahouts are spending far too much of their time scouring the countryside to cut grass and forage for other foods.

Elephants in captivity need hours of attention daily from highly skilled and motivated mahouts. They need to be taken to the river and bathed. They need to be exercised. They need carefully supervised time socializing with their companions. The younger elephants need daily training sessions if they are to live happily in human society.

Elephants also need regular medical attention. We have a full-time veterinarian and in 2011 we established the Maetaeng Elephant Park Clinic, a unit licensed by the government.

Our Clinic works closely with the veterinary department of Chiang Mai University. Beyond caring for our own animals, the Clinic has a very active outreach program to treat and medicate poor and needy elephant camps in northern Thailand.

Our goal

We are determined to struggle and fight to preserve our tightly knit community of elephants and mahouts — our family — to survive the pandemic

Time is crucial. No donation is too small and all help is deeply appreciated.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

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Note: Maetaeng Elephant Park Clinic is a registered elephant clinic with the government of Thailand. We are not a registered non-profit foundation. All donations are subject to Thai taxes or the tax laws of the donor’s country. 90% of the donated amount will reach our elephants (Paypal and bank fees amounts to about a total of 10%).

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We are fast running out of money to take care of our elephants and their mahouts (caretakers). No donation is too small, and we deeply appreciate any help we can get.